One Bedroom Condos in Singapore: Comfort, Accessibility and Cosiness

One-room condominiums in Singapore, due to the affordability of the price, have been and are in demand among the majority of the city’s residents, which motivates them not only to relax, but also to live. Although most of the people of Singapore are still crowded in small communal houses, where the bathroom is connected to the toilet and the kitchen is non-functional.

Of course, the windows of such apartments often do not look at architectural monuments or old parks, but at the facades of neighbouring houses. Although the old “one-room” – the best option among most apartments, but often the owners of such apartments overpay for electricity, water and more.

The offer of the modern real estate market is unique – together with a convenient heating system, planning and an interior; the contractor guarantees quality of the executed works and attractive appearance. And now you can buy a new one-room apartment in Singapore for almost the same price as in the old house, but with more comfortable conditions and beautiful Singapore landscapes.

One-Room Condominium in Singapore: The Benefits of Purchase

Housing in a new building allows you to build your own space without unnecessary worries. This option is suitable for young couples who are just starting life together, for bachelors, all practical and busy people. A modern one-room apartment has its advantages.

  • Affordable price: This allows young people to buy their first home. Utility bills and installation costs are lower, so the buyer gets a significant advantage in savings, and the purchase will not spend on renting someone else’s apartment and live in the heart of Singapore.
  • The proposals of the modern real estate market allow you to choose the most convenient layout of the apartment. This can be a kitchen-studio or living room with a connected balcony. Functionally, such apartments are not inferior to two-bedroom.
  • The style of modern homes in new buildings will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a wonderful combination of tradition and modernism.
  • One-room housing is profitable to buy from development companies through a system of loans and discounts.

Territory of Comfort- The Avenir

Comfortable housing is not only a cosy, spacious apartment, which has everything you need, but also a developed infrastructure, parking spaces and landscaped courtyards. The concept of landscaping the interior of the project speaks for itself. Everything is done with love and care for the residents, everything is conducive to comfort and relaxation after a working day.

Apartments with stunning views of the forest and river. Fresh air, rustling of foliage and singing of birds will make you fall in love with The Avenir (review of The Avenir) from the first breath and sound.

In this area, a daily promenade along its own eco-embankment with family and friends will become a favourite evening ritual.

Courtyards with neighbourhoods, green squares, vegetable gardens, walking alleys with landscape lighting, alpine slides, flower beds, lounge areas with sun loungers, picnic areas – here everyone will find something to their liking and spend time in the fresh air with benefit.

By choosing a one-room apartment in Singapore, the owner saves on utility bills or real estate tax. Looking for another option for single room condo? Check out The Commodore condominium.