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FAQs for new homebuyers

Acquiring a house for the extremely first time looks like to be a daunting chore for numerous as this encompasses a broad road of feelings and emotions. As a first-time home customer, you can feel bombarded with a lot of questions that make it extremely sceptical for you to discover and then eventually select the right path. There are several suspicions & questions in your mind. Here we would retort some of first-time home buyers’ extremely systematic apprehensions and queries.

  • FAQs for first-time homebuyers 
  1. What are the additional open-ended expenses that you should take into deliberation while buying a house? 

Apart from the cost of the estate and the property registration expense, there are several open-ended expenses while purchasing a house. These costs encompass the property tax, home insurance, maintenance costs, and rehabilitation expenditures while buying a house. These expenditures are to be taken into account while computing the budget. Nonetheless, these payments greatly fluctuate from property to property. So, you compel to be very rigorous regarding the budget for your home and never let it outperform the maximum of your affordability.

  • While I select a new house, do I inevitably need a property consultant? 

A property consultant generally provides you with an all-around or fair idea of the fantasy property having all the desired evidence for the goal of a convenient stay at the particular estate. You can rather assign a competent agency for the best selection of a house. They can suggest adequate choices that would fetch you the desired comfort and would be eligible to avail of all the crucial services.

  1. Is the property considerably constructed in obedience to the Vastu rules? 

Vastu is thought to have a very substantial role in offsetting nature’s ingredients for achieving wealth and harmony. Every house pursues specific basic statutes of Vastu. When the building is Vastu-compliant, it gives rise to lively vibes as well as paves the good path to prosperity for the inhabitants of the house.

  • How important is locale while buying a house? 

While buying an estate, you are expected to select an area keeping in mind the area’s future improvement and breadth that would glimpse a strong demand and appreciation of pricing. The locale usually plays an important role while you agree to buy or rent a house. Searching for good convenience in a residential neighbourhood that is enclosed by all the crucial facilities like clinics, schools, and various other provisions would expand a ton of significance to your acquired home. A tremendous neighbourhood and the age of a home determine its across-the-board value in the future. Hence, the newly-made buildings have their value. Thiam Siew freehold condo is an upcoming condo and is strategically placed around all necessary amenities, which increases its value much more. 

  • What kind of property would I rather purchase? 

You can deem buying an apartment banking on your requirement, the number of family units, and budget. Apartments normally consist of a living area with a kitchen, rooms, a lavatory, and patios. So, yes a flat with all your basic needs can suit you best in your search. Try out the incredible Thiam Siew Residences that has been the hope of many to be their house of fantasy. 

Topic- Things to check at the time of showing the flat

Some buyers might think let down when they earn their keys to their condominium units because the real units could turn out to be greatly varied from the show flats. You must be waiting for the showflat service of your favorite condo that’s yet to come. Like for Tengah Garden EC showflat, in Singapore. Here are 6 key stuff you should look out for each time you step into a show flat:-

·         Showflat tip #1: Look at the internal doors

The doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms in showflats are always spotted where costs and nooks are cut. Gates should twirl smoothly, feel considerable, and should not sound especially hollow when you whack on them. For minor units in specific, it is vital to have nice quality doors to protect the privacy and decrease noise from infiltrating the bedrooms. If the doors turn out to be ineffective when you ultimately move in, they could cost relatively a bit to replace.

·         Showflat tip #2: Look for the sunshine

Show flats are invariably lit with unnatural lights and are perpetually bright. It might be tough to get an indication of how much natural light each space would get. Check the extent of the windows and where they’re seated, so you can judge for yourself how much bright you would get when the program is finalized. Remember to distinguish it with the encountering of the unit you’re evaluating, to check if it will feel the hotness of the sun. If you also are having your eyes on the upcoming Tengah condo and have decided to come for Tengah Garden EC showflat then you may not have to worry about the ample sunlight into your interiors. 

·         Showflat tip #3: Look at the flow

When we arrive at a show flat, it is susceptible to be deflected by the magnificence of the décor. Still, think about the flow of the expanse, and how you and your household will utilize it. For example, think about your cooking manners in the kitchen, and if the existing configuration would work for you. Shifting the format of the kitchen can be valuable.

Open configurations, where the dining area, kitchen, and residence room are integrated with a solitary space, are very popular right now. Nevertheless, some people might choose distinct spaces, to stave off cooking grease and scents from encompassing the whole apartment.

·         Showflat tip #4: Look at bathroom fittings

Most showflat bathrooms are formulated to glance like elegant spas. Nevertheless, check to glimpse what is certainly given. Often, wall panels are not given or might come in a plainer form than what is illustrated. Fittings like the shower, bathroom, restroom tap, and sink should be of reasonable quality, too. Look for windows in the bathrooms as well; they are essential to stave off our wet weather from affecting mold. For bathrooms without windows, a ceiling ventilation fan should be furnished, but that expects extra maintenance.

·         Showflat tip #5: Look at the area

While bedrooms have evolved smaller in widespread, there are several design tricks to compel them to feel larger. A prominent trick is to lessen or dwindle the closet, so there is extra floor space to walk around. Creators are expected to define this with tape as well, so maintain an eye out for it.

Furthermore, sales dealers will tell you the bedrooms can each include at least a queen-sized bed. That might be true, but if it evacuates you with smaller than a meter or so to step around the bed, it would be a tight fit.

·         Showflat tip #6: Look for power sockets

The number of appliances and equipment we have will just improve in the future. For regions like the kitchen, bedside, and fences where televisions can be ascended, buyers should ever test for a sufficient number of power sockets in the show flat unit. While additional power sockets can ever be installed after culmination, it is an extra cost, and the renovation would postpone your move into the unit.

Access Control: Optimize the Customer Journey Thanks to the Smartphone

Today, the security of a building, the control and verification of access are essential issues to ensure the peace of the occupants of a building.

More and more companies must equip all of their buildings with access control both for legal reasons, but also to monitor and control traffic and occupancy of local.

The challenge for companies is now to make the journey of each user more fluid when faced with this control and to lift all the brakes for all users.

Let’s get back to the basics first

Tenant management system is a security technique used to determine and filter the users authorized to access a specific resource, whether physical or digital.
Each access authorization is therefore intended to protect the people, property and information of a company.

Access control is often implemented by professionals:

  • In companies of all sizes: at the entrance to the building, the company.
  • In sensitive areas: confidential areas, rooms reserved for servers, etc.
  • In shared spaces: co-working spaces, business centres, car parks, changing rooms.

Optimizing the customer journey, a major challenge

Conventionally, access control is done using a key, a badge per person, a unique code for each person (and sometimes even per zone) or via a biometric device; these more or less ancestral techniques very often represent a slowdown in the arrival of users and a source of discontent.
For example, badges are seen as a constraint for 98% of employees.
What’s more, who has never forgotten their badge or key and never stayed outside waiting for a colleague to arrive to finally enter a building?

Today, access control and management can be done 100% digitally: everyone’s unique, personalized and secure access can now be found in their smartphone.

The good news in view of this observation is that mobile control office access increases physical security tenfold; all users (end users but also decision-makers) benefit from it.

Information security and physical security

If no system is fool proof, some modes of access control are obviously more vulnerable than others.
And when the design of the tenant management system respects the 5 fundamental principles of security (confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, authentication), decision-makers and users opt for the most practical mode, that of which everyone has finally already in their pocket … the smartphone! 

In addition, completely dematerializing access has many advantages for the manager but also for the user.

For the manager

  • Remote management: add, modify or revoke one or more accesses in a few clicks from your office;
  • Lightening of daily tasks: 100% digital access control can be interfaced with your management tools already in place;
  • Dematerialization of access authorizations: No more badges or physical support, no more uncontrolled stock, no more loss…;
  • Real-time activity monitoring.

For the user

  • Access all the entrees to which he is authorized in just a few seconds with his smartphone, in complete autonomy;
  • Being able to anticipate your trips: access can be granted before a visit, an appointment or even a reservation;
  • Benefit from associated services: guidance, map, practical information, contacts … all on a single medium: your mobile.

The four stages of dog learning

So often in dog training, when the dog is not able to perform the desired behavior in response to the given cue, we only blame the dog. People often claim the dog as stubborn when they do not find the dog following their command at initial attempts. However, in reality, the concept is different! 

The thing is that the handler just didn’t make it clear for the dog to fully get what the person was attempting to teach. 

If you are training your dog, and he is not getting your concept, then you can just convince yourself that you are the only one who can make the exercise easier for the dog. And with you, he is going to be succeeded. Furthermore, with constant efforts and dedication your dog will be succeeded. And once he succeeded he will get the reinforcement! 

That reinforcement will allow him to repeat that action. And that will end up in better practice and perfection. That’s what you want, right? 

There are four stages of learning and it’s imperative to keep them in mind- 

  1. Acquisition 
  2. Fluency 
  3. Generalization
  4. Maintenance 

Firstly, the dog has to start to acquire the skill of focusing on you. Then after that, you continue to make your dog practice. You want that behavior to be related to your dog fluently. Next, you have to generalize that behavior in a variety of conditions and environments. 

First, you start with an environment that is of low distraction. When you feel that your dog is showing some progress, you can choose a highly distracting setting. It is suggested to do this every time you practice in a highly distracting environment with your dog. Here highly distracting surroundings may include a sideline of a dog sports competition or a busy Park. Eventually, you are ready to reach the maintenance stage of learning! 

As the name suggests, it’s all about maintaining a specific habit. 

It happens when you continue to practice with your dog and strengthen the certain behavior so that it keeps up solid. 

Here’s an example, if someone is a very good mandolin player. He must have learned to play specific tunes first and got pretty well because he practiced daily. Then he must have become fluent and could play a lot of tunes at his home itself. He then generalized the behavior of playing mandolin in a variety of spots (at music jam with the public, home with friends, playing in completion, etc.) 

Then he maintained the level of expertise for a while but life got a little busy and quit practicing. Result? His mandolin playing isn’t that great anymore! 

So, if you ever notice your dog not grabbing a specific command while attending some dog training courses, then it’s only about the new environment or a new command. Not that he is not getting your thing and should be blamed for the same. 

And that’s what, the team of Dog Training runs after. Success for you and success for your dog. And by all the ways, to make the training process FUN! 

One Bedroom Condos in Singapore: Comfort, Accessibility and Cosiness

One-room condominiums in Singapore, due to the affordability of the price, have been and are in demand among the majority of the city’s residents, which motivates them not only to relax, but also to live. Although most of the people of Singapore are still crowded in small communal houses, where the bathroom is connected to the toilet and the kitchen is non-functional.

Of course, the windows of such apartments often do not look at architectural monuments or old parks, but at the facades of neighbouring houses. Although the old “one-room” – the best option among most apartments, but often the owners of such apartments overpay for electricity, water and more.

The offer of the modern real estate market is unique – together with a convenient heating system, planning and an interior; the contractor guarantees quality of the executed works and attractive appearance. And now you can buy a new one-room apartment in Singapore for almost the same price as in the old house, but with more comfortable conditions and beautiful Singapore landscapes.

One-Room Condominium in Singapore: The Benefits of Purchase

Housing in a new building allows you to build your own space without unnecessary worries. This option is suitable for young couples who are just starting life together, for bachelors, all practical and busy people. A modern one-room apartment has its advantages.

  • Affordable price: This allows young people to buy their first home. Utility bills and installation costs are lower, so the buyer gets a significant advantage in savings, and the purchase will not spend on renting someone else’s apartment and live in the heart of Singapore.
  • The proposals of the modern real estate market allow you to choose the most convenient layout of the apartment. This can be a kitchen-studio or living room with a connected balcony. Functionally, such apartments are not inferior to two-bedroom.
  • The style of modern homes in new buildings will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a wonderful combination of tradition and modernism.
  • One-room housing is profitable to buy from development companies through a system of loans and discounts.

Territory of Comfort- The Avenir

Comfortable housing is not only a cosy, spacious apartment, which has everything you need, but also a developed infrastructure, parking spaces and landscaped courtyards. The concept of landscaping the interior of the project speaks for itself. Everything is done with love and care for the residents, everything is conducive to comfort and relaxation after a working day.

Apartments with stunning views of the forest and river. Fresh air, rustling of foliage and singing of birds will make you fall in love with The Avenir (review of The Avenir) from the first breath and sound.

In this area, a daily promenade along its own eco-embankment with family and friends will become a favourite evening ritual.

Courtyards with neighbourhoods, green squares, vegetable gardens, walking alleys with landscape lighting, alpine slides, flower beds, lounge areas with sun loungers, picnic areas – here everyone will find something to their liking and spend time in the fresh air with benefit.

By choosing a one-room apartment in Singapore, the owner saves on utility bills or real estate tax. Looking for another option for single room condo? Check out The Commodore condominium.

How to Choose a Reliable and Good Condominium?

Buying an apartment is always a risk and fear, because it is not easy and cheap. It is very important not to get scammed and to choose reliable and high quality real estate. In today’s environment, there are many independent experts who evaluate real estate, check documentation, and help people choose the home of their dreams. But the best of them is an independent expert on new buildings in Singapore.

This is not just a real estate agency that advertises housing, it is an agency that evaluates housing, evaluates its reliability, and helps the buyer not to make mistakes. Actually, these experts have identified what you should pay attention to when buying an apartment, so as not to make mistakes and not to lose money.

Consider the following:

Developer or owner

When you come to find out all the information about housing, be sure to talk to the developer or owner personally, ask all the information that interests you, and find out about housing, about how reliable they are. Ideally, the developer or owner should not immediately talk about the price and talk about how great everything is in the apartment, but start with a story about the parameters of housing: area, rooms, etc., and also talk about the pros and cons of the apartment. The developer or owner must be honest, and not splurge in order to quickly sell the house;


This is something that a developer or owner should present right away. The documentation must be “clean”, without any questionable conditions written in small print, everything must be certified and written in accordance with the law. Experts recommend making copies of documents and checking with a notary and a lawyer so that they give their sober assessment;

House and apartment

When you go to inspect the house, pay attention to the house itself, how reliable and durable it is. It is important that there is good infrastructure around the house, all the necessary communications: parking, playground, shops, and so on. Amber Sea residential condominiums are attractive both outside and inside. Appreciate home renovations. When examining an apartment, pay attention to all internal communications: wiring, sewerage, and so on. See how the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, balcony visually look. Evaluate the repairs carried out, find out about the shortcomings or problems that arose during the repair.

How to choose a reliable developer?

It is important to find a really reliable developer. To do this, it is vital to study the company’s portfolio, pay attention to the approximate construction time and the period for putting the building into operation. Note how the Value Added Service Centre and Support Service works. It is important to always be in touch with representatives of the real estate company. Only a trusting relationship and constant maintenance of contact will help you to be always aware of the stages of construction and to control it. You can visit and know about various services offered by Far East Organization.

Trade-In Your Smartphone Easily

We all know in this age that to trade in our old Smartphone is a simple task, but the key to success with trade is a little bit difficult. We all want that smartphone to get the best possible price for the condition of the phone, and secondary to this is to receive a swift professional service when you go ahead with the trade-in process of your phone or Smartphone. If you want to get the best trade-in mobile then below guidelines will help you to achieve these two key elements of a trade-in.

First and the most important is to decide to trade online or offline. There are some online companies that offer price for your trade-in on the Smartphone that might not be so great. They just need to gain some profit in order to maintain their business. So, before deciding to trade-in the phone online, it is important for you to find a site that is suitable for you to carry out the Smartphone trade. The site must be a reputable, dedicated, professional, and friendly site that is the ideal candidate.

The trade-in of your Smartphone will not be the biggest transaction you make in your life or this year, but it doesn´t mean that you don´t deserve a quality service when you do so. Find a trusted site for smartphones that will cover all of the above and all through the site. The online way is very easily accessible by phone and email to provide an efficient and friendly service for your trade-in process.

Be sure of the factors when you decide to repair your smartphone as this will ensure you get the best price and great service throughout your phone trade-in process. It doesn’t matter what is the state of your Smartphone – it can be traded in working, used, broken, and you will receive a great price regardless of its condition.

Find a site where you can confirm for yourself all the facts that are mentioned above and carry out a swift and efficient trade-in your Smartphone. There is a lot of benefits people get when they trade-in phone Singapore. You deserve quality service, even if you search around.

With trade-in the phone you are not getting the best deal but you are also saving this planet from electronic waste. Each year there are thousands and tons of electronic waste and about 56 million cellphones that end up in landfills across the country. It will surely shock you. However, with trade-in phones, you can protect the planet from unwanted cell phones and can upgrade yourself with the latest technology. Therefore, early upgrading is definitely a big reason and brings many benefits while you trade-in your old phone.

About Productivity Solution Grants

Productivity Solution Grants is also known by the name as PSG who will be supporting many companies who are interested to adopt IT solutions along with its different equipments in order to expand or increase their business. PSG for Xero will help the companies in keeping their track in the areas of customer management along with data analytics and financial management. It will also help in keeping the track on the inventories. It has been done in order to encourage the enterprise in the field of digitalization and efforts in productivity improvement.

Eligibility Criteria for Productivity Solution Grants

The applicant should meet the following eligibility in order to move PSG through business grant portal.

  1. The applicant should be having registered business in Singapore.
  2. He should have 30% share in local shareholding
  3. He should have turnover of less than $100 millions’
  4. Company should have use or purchase the equipment in Singapore.

Documents required by the Company for PSG

  1. Purchase order of the company which should be properly signed.
  2. A proper invoice of the company
  3. Bank statement of the company which indicates that your business has made payment to the vendor who has pre approved in nature.
  4. Company should have license number of IT solutions along with 1 month report of usage.
  5. Company should have screen shots which displays the business name along with IT solution name.
  6. Receipt or cheque payment copy of the IT Solution.

The PSG will cover down the IT solutions that will provide functions in different sectors. It will cover down

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Food
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Engineering

How companies can take apply for PSG with Xero?

Step 1- Companies who want to avail the benefits of this software will have to get the facility of quotes from the pre approved vendor for Xero.

Step 2– After that company can submit the application to the BGP where companies can login with their corporate account to do the transactions.

 Step 3 – Application should be processed within 4 to 6 weeks from the submission of required documents. Companies or customers will be receiving the letter for approval of application along with subsidy amount.

Step 4- It is necessary for the companies to confirm along with signing the quotation with Cloud accounting.

Step 5- Claim is also submitted by them where they will receive the reimbursement from the government in 2 months time.

Thus the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports companies to increase business processes. Timcole is one of the PSG vendors in Singapore.

PSG covers the main areas of retail along with food and logistic.  It helps in tracking the areas of customer management along with financial management. In simple words it supports IT solutions where they customers can avail the main benefits of using clod based system of accounting. It will help them in doing their transactions from anytime and anywhere. You will also get the entire details about the transactions along with receipts that will help the company in keeping the record of the previous transactions.


Tips to Expand the Lifespan of iPhone’s Battery

It’s harder to replace your iPhone’s lithium-particle battery than it is to treat it directly in any case. Numerous smartphones don’t give simple user access to their batteries. That incorporates all iPhones and numerous lead Android phones from brands. Official iPhone battery replacements Singapore can be costly or badly arranged. There are additionally natural concerns. Smartphones are, to be honest, a natural disaster, and expanding the lifespan of your iPhone battery mitigates that.

Here are a few things you can do to secured and broaden the lifespan of your iPhone battery.

  1. See how your phone battery degrades.

With each charge cycle, your phone battery degrades somewhat. A total charge cycle is a full discharge and charge of the battery. Partial charges consider a small amount of a cycle. Charging your phone from half to 100%, for instance, would be a large portion of a charge cycle. Do that twice a day. Some iPhone owners utilize more than a full charge cycle a day, others utilize less. It relies upon the amount you utilize your iPhone and what you do with it.

  1. Stay away from the limits of hot and cold.

If your phone gets hot or cold it can strain the battery and reduce its lifespan. Leaving it in your vehicle would most likely be the most noticeably terrible mistake if it’s hot and sunny outside or underneath freezing in winter.

  1. Keep away from fast charging.

Charging your iPhone rapidly focuses on the battery. Except if you truly need it, abstain from utilizing fast charging.

Actually, the slower you charge your battery the better, so if you wouldn’t mind moderate charging, for the time being, take the plunge. Charging your phone from your PC just as certain brilliant attachments can constrain the current going into your phone, easing back its charge rate. Some outer battery packs may slow the speed of charging, yet you don’t know about that.

  1. Reduce screen brightness.

A smartphone’s screen is the part that normally utilizes the most battery. Turning down the screen brightness will spare energy and if it doesn’t work then change iPhone LED. Utilizing Auto-Brightness presumably spares battery for the vast majority via consequently reducing screen brightness when there’s less light, although it accomplishes include more work for the light sensor.

What might genuinely spare the most battery around there is oversee it physically and reasonably obsessively. That is, manually set it to the most reduced visible level each time there’s a change in encompassing lighting levels.

The current version of iOS will show you your battery health. There is no such component in Android, however, there are third-party applications that will play out this capacity.


Importance of Book Keeping

In the scientific terms, bookkeeping is the documentation of economic transactions and is segment of process in accounting in business. This agreement includes deals, receipts, and payments by an individual person or organization. There are several specific standards methods of bookkeeping including the single entry and double entry bookkeeping services. Meantime, they may be viewed as ‘true’ bookkeeping process. Consequently, a company secretary   can create commercial reports from the beneficial information recorded by the bookkeeper. Basically bookkeeping indicates record keeping aspects of financial accounting and associates preparing source documents for all transactions whether cash or credit cards into the right daybook and the general ledger.

Importance of bookkeeping service-

  • It is crucial because it helps to make budget easily on papers. When income and costs are properly formed, it makes it simpler to review financial resources and expenses.
  • A budget creates commercial roadmap to grow your own business. With a proper budget, you can plan for future expenses and the predictable resources that would cover those expenses.

Tax preparation-

  • In many cases, your business has to pay a huge tax return every year. Every year, millions of business are struggling through their desk to find filing work. As usual? The tax filing process can be more profitable by simply having a bookkeeping function within your business.
  • It is important for filing of your exclusive tax return too. In order to have how much you secured your earnings, you have to get how much business gained.
  • With bookkeeping transformation, you can have financial information accessible for tax time. Rather to search for receipts or invoices, all your commercial information is organized on central system.


  • Being standardized, every business owner should have. You should be able to find information regarding your business at any time. There are scanty parties that are interested in company’s financial transcript – the IRS, employees, customers, investors and lenders. Being able to producing information requested by these parties are imperative to your ongoing operation. If you don’t give reports The IRS, which could mean penalties and fees. If you don’t provide records asked by investors or lenders that could make a blockage of cash flow and so on. Being disorganized with your books could cause your relation with these parties to be negotiated or removed altogether.


  • Bookkeeping is important because you get business inquiry. It is a device used by management to evaluate business performance. The output of bookkeeping services is financial statements. Financial statement should be regularly generated and used for analysis.
  • While analyzing financial statements, you can track your cash inflows and outflows

We provide with Singapore timcole bookkeeping service which recognized as professional company incorporation, secretarial and accounting firm in Singapore. It serves as a one stop alternative option for your business and offers affordable fees to exercise your company’s departmental burden.